Pall bearers

The services of pallbearers include carrying the casket from home or mortuary to hearse as well as in crematorium or cemetery.
In case the deceased is to be buried in another country or region the casket is placed in a zinc container sealed in the funeral home.
The funeral home RITUAL offers professional services in transportation including:

  • assembling the necessary documents
  • placing the casket into the zinc container
  • sealing the container
  • managing the transportation within Russia and abroad
  • cooperating with funeral homes from all over the world for the quick and safe transportation of the deceased to their motherland.

Our funeral directors and information desk operators work 24 hours 7 days a week to provide you with all the necessary information regarding the funeral transportation to Russia and abroad and are ready to assist you anytime.

Carrying the casket from home/mortuary, accompanying to cemetery/crematorium 2750 rub/person