Calculating Funeral Expenses

There is no fixed price for funeral arrangement in Moscow thus the overall cost of funeral services can considerably vary in different funeral homes. However the objective criterion for the minimum cost of the funeral services (excluding the services of mortuary and transportation expenses) is the funeral allowance which amounts to 22 953,20 roubles for the Moscow citizens.

In case of transportation the average expenses are made up of the following:

  • collecting the necessary documents (in case it is done by a funeral director)
  • providing the embalming services
  • purchasing the casket and the container for transportation
  • sealing the container
  • loading and transporting the container to the airport/ railway station
  • providing the flight arrangements.

You can assess the average cost of funeral services by addressing the Products and Services section.

Mortuaries/Forensic bureaus/Pathology departments

The services provided by the mortuaries free of charge include:

  • keeping the decedent until the funeral day up to 7 days (in some cases up to 14 days) washing
  • dressing
  • placing in the casket
  • carrying the casket to the hall of honor.

The embalming as well as makeup services are provided on the paying basis. The cost of these services depends upon the mortuary and the complexity of the required work and amounts to 8-17 thousand roubles. The services of forensic laboratories are typically more expensive as the decedent usually requires more care to be taken of.


The cost of cremation is the same for all the three Moscow crematoria and amounts to 3600 roubles excluding the cost of urn. The cost of urn starts from approximately 1500 roubles and has no upper price limit.

Transportation of Human Remains and Cremains

The transportation (exportation) of human remains and cremains requires the following documents:

  • certified (official) death certificate issued by the registry office (vital records office);
  • certificate of the absence of alien enclosures (certificate of encasement);
  • embalming certificate (issued by the mortuary);
  • medical certificate from the Health Inspection Services.

Besides that the casket is to be placed into a special container and sealed in a funeral home.

In order to export cremated remains, the following documents are required:

  • certified (official) death certificate;
  • certificate of cremation;
  • certificate of encasement (the absence of alien enclosures).

After the documents are collected the transportation is to be organized. The transportation usually starts from delivery to the airport by hearse. It should be noted that the terms of shipment and freight charge per kilogram differ from carrier to carrier and from destination to destination.

The funeral home RITUAL has an extensive experience in transporting the decedents both within Russia, to Russia and abroad. In case you have any questions or need assistance do not hesitate to call us +7 (495) 642-28-83 and +7 (495) 642-28-84.