Transportation of the Deceased

ZAO RITUAL funeral enterprise houses a whole department specializing in transportation of the deceased to Russia and from Russia to any country of the world. We handle any cases no matter how difficult they might be at the uniformly high level.

Transportation to Russia

In case the remains are shipped to Russia for further burial ZAO RITUAL makes all the necessary arrangements to collect the body from the airport, place it in one of the city mortuaries, organize further transportation to the place of burial  and take other responsibilities concerning the funeral procedure.

Our company offers the following services on a permanent basis:

  • collecting the body from the airport;
  • transportation by hearse directly to the place of burial (cemetery, crematorium) or to a city mortuary to keep the body up to the funeral day;
  • ordering mortuary services to prepare the deceased for the wake;
  • providing caskets, wreaths and other funeral items;
  • providing hearses and accompanying vehicles (minibuses, buses);
  • ordering cemetery plots at Moscow cemeteries and cremation in Moscow crematoria.

Transportation from Russia

ZAO RITUAL offers a whole range of services for shipment of human remains from Russia to any country of the world. We cooperate with foreign consulates in Moscow for the fastest shipment of the deceased abroad. Our specialized department takes care of all procedures prior to shipment including:

  • collecting all the necessary documents and arranging their translation;
  • providing the required packaging for the remains (metal container) and its hermetic sealing;
  • cooperating with the consulate/embassy to ensure proper legal support;
  • providing hearses and other specialized transport;
  •  ensuring proper customs processing at the airport.

Transit transportation within Moscow

In case there is no direct flight to the place of burial the transportation of the deceased may take two flights connecting in Moscow. There are three airports in Moscow and in the event the airport of arrival and the airport of departure do not coincide it is necessary to book a hearse to perform transit between the airports.

ZAO RITUAL offers the fastest transit transportation in Moscow at any time. Our funeral directors collect the deceased from the airport of arrival and see to the proper customs processing at the airport of departure.