Moscow Region Mortuaries

The pathology departments as well as forensic study laboratories serve to ascertain the cause of death, issue the medical death certificate and keep the decedent until the funeral day.

Besides that the medical staff performs embalming and other sanitary procedures (washing, dressing, make-up, placing into the casket).

The services provided by the mortuaries free of charge include:

  • keeping the decedent until the funeral day up to 7 days (in some cases up to 14 days)
  • washing
  • dressing
  • placing in the casket
  • carrying the casket to the hall of honor.

The embalming as well as makeup services are provided on the paying basis. The cost of these services depends upon the mortuary and the complexity of the required work and amounts to 8-17 thousand roubles. The services of forensic laboratories are typically more expensive as the decedent usually requires more care to be taken of.

Irrespective of the chosen way of funeral (burial or cremation) the relatives of the decedent are to obtain the medical death certificate (in mortuary) and the official death certificate (in the vital records office).

The medical death certificate is changed for the official death certificate in one of the registry (vital records) offices. The official death certificate is accompanied by the certificate according to form 33 which is required for funeral allowance. The official death certificate is also required for cemetery plot allocation as well as cremation.

The information desk of the funeral home RITUAL is ready to help you 24/7. In case you have any questions or need assistance of funeral directors do not hesitate to call us +7 (495) 642-28-83 and +7 (495) 642-28-84.

North Moscow Region
Dmitrov Dmitrov City Hospital 7, Bolnichnaya (street), Dmitrov
Doubna Doubna Central City Hospital 30, Karla Marxa (street), Doubna
Klin Klin Clinical City Hospital tenement 2, Pobedy (street), Klin
Klin City Hospital 9, Sportivnaya (street), Klin
Lobnya Lobnya Central City Hospital 15, Zarechnaya (street), Lobnya
Taldom Taldom Central District Hospital 19, Pobedy (street), Taldom
South Moscow Region
Vidnoye Vidnoye Central District Hospital 15, Zavodskaya (street), Vidnoye
Domodedovo Domodedovo Central District Hospital 9, Pirogova (street), Domodedovo
Regional Forensic Study Laboratory Aviatsyonny Microraiyon, Domodedovo
Kashira Kashira Central District Hospital  2, Bolnichny Pereoulok, Kashira
Klimovsk Klimovsk City Hospital No. 2 21, Prospect Pyatdesyat Let Oktyabrya, Klimovsk
Kolomna Kolomna Central District Hospital  318, Oktyabrskoy Revoloutsii (street), Kolomna
Podolsk Podolsk City Clinical Hospital 38, Kirova (street), Podolsk
Protvino Protvino City Hospital  7, Mira (street), Protvino
Poushino Poushino Science Center (Russian Science Academy) Hospital  1, Institutskaya (street), Poushino
Serpukhov Serpukhov Semashko City Hospital  8/19, Vtoraya (second) Moskovskaya (street), Serpukhov
Chekhov Chekhov District Hospital No. 1  85, Moskovskaya (treet), Chekhov
Sherbinka Sherbinka City Hospital  10, Pervomayskaya (street), Sherbinka
West Moscow Region
Volokolamsk Volokolamsk Central City Hospital  41, Rizhskoye Shosse (highway), Volokolamsk
Golytsyno Odintsovo Central District Hospital  5, Marshala Biryuzova (street), Odintsovo
Zvenigorod Zvenigorod Central City Hospital  6, Lermontova (street), Zvenigorod
Istra Istra Central District Hospital  83, Uritskogo (street), Istra
Kubinka Odintsovo Central District Hospital 5, Marshala Biryuzova (street), Odintsovo
Lotoshino Lotoshino Hospital  9, Sportivnaya (street), Lotoshino
Mozhaisk Mozhaisk City Hospital  1, Ambulatornaya (street), Mozhaisk
Odintsovo Odintsovo Central District Hospital 5, Marshala Biryuzova (street), Odintsovo
Central Clinical Army Hospital of Strategic Missile Troops No. 25  1, Marshala Biryuzova (street), Odintsovo
Rouza Rouza District Hospital  21a, Revolyutsionnaya (street), Rouza
Rouza District Hospital 9, Preoulok Volodarskogo, Rouza
East Moscow Region
Balashikha Balashikha Central District Hospital  41, Shosse entuziastov (highway), Balashikha
Zheleznodorozhny Central City Hospital  12, Nosovokhinskoye Shosse (highway), Zheleznodorozhny
Noginsk Noginsk Central District Hospital  59, Komsomolskaya (street), Noginsk
Orekhovo-Zouevo Orekhovo-Zouevo  City Hospital No. 1  13, Baryshnikova (street), Orekhovo-Zouevo
Pavlovsky Posad Pavlovsky Posad  Central district Hospital  6, Karla Marxa (street), Pavlovsky Posad
Reoutov Reoutov Central City Hospital  2a, Lenina (street), Reoutov
Roshal Roshal City Hospital 2, Pervomayskaya (street), Roshal
Shatoura Shatoura Central District Hospital  2, Bolnichny Proezd, Shatoura
Electrogorsk Central Hospital No. 1  13, Baryshnikova (street), Orekhovo-Zouevo
Electrostal Central City Hospital 3, Poushkina (street), Electrostal
Electroougli Noginsk Central District Hospital  59, Komsomolskaya (street), Noginsk
North-West Moscow Region
Dedovsk Dedovsk  City Hospital  5, Bolnichnaya (street), Dedovsk
Krasnogorsk Krasnogorsk City Hospital No. 1  4, Karbysheva (street), Krasnogorsk
Solnechnogorsk Solnechnogorsk Central District Hospital  Rekintso district, Solnechnogorsk
Tuberculosis Hospital No. 11  7, Rabukhina (street), Solnechnogorsk
Khimki Khimki Central District Hospital  11, Kurkinskoye Shosse (highway), Khimki
Skhodnenskaya City Hospital  31a, Michourina (street), Skhodnya district
North-East Moscow Region
Ivanteevka Ivanteevka Central City Hospital  39, Pervomayskaya (street), Ivanteevka
Korolev Korolev City Hospital No. 1  24, Tsyolkovskogo (street), Korolev
Krasnoarmensk Krasnoarmensk Medical Unit No. 154  1a, Severny district, Krasnoarmeisk
Losino-Petrovsky Losino-Petrovsk Central City Hospital  10, Lenina (street), Losino-Petrovsky
Mytishi Mytishi Municipal City Hospital  24 bldng 7, Kominterna(street), Mytishi
Poushkino Poushkino Professor Rozanov Central District Hospital  35, Aviatsyonnaya (street), Poushkino
Sergiev Posad Sergiev Posad Central District Hospital 62a, Novoouglichskoye Shosse (highway), Sergiev Posad
Antituberculosis Health Centre 89, Kirova (street), Sergiev Posad
Fryazino Goltz Central City Hospital  7, Moskovskaya (street), Fryazino
Chernogolovka Chernogolovka  Hospital of Science Center of Russian Science Academy  7a, Institutsky Prospekt, Chernogolovka
Shelkovo Shelkovo  District Hospital No. 1 8, Krasnoznamenskaya (street), Shelkovo
Shelkovo  District Hospital No. 2  3, Parkovaya (street), Shelkovo
Youbileyny Youbileyny City Hospital 8/10, Pionerskaya (street), Youbileyny
South-West Moscow Region
Krasnoznamensk Krasnoznamensk  Pathology Department 1, Pobedy (street), Krasnoznamensk
Naro-Fominsk Naro-Fominsk district Hospital No. 1 23, Kalinina (street), Naro-Fominsk
Stoupino Stoupino District Central Hospital Tenement 7, Chaikovskogo (street), Stoupino
Troitsk Troitsk Hospital (Russian Science Academy) 3, Oktyabrsky Prospekt, Troitsk
Khovanskoye cemetery  Medical and Embalming Service of State Enterprie RITUAL 21st km of Kievskoye Shosse (highway)
South-East Moscow Region
Bronnitsy Bronnitsy City Hospital  45, Pionersky Pereoulok, Bronnitsy
Vosktesensk Voskresensk City Hospital No. 1  1 bldng 5, Bolnichny Proezd, Voskresensk
Voskresensk City Hospital No. 1  2a, Grazhdanskaya (street), Voskresensk
Dzerzhinsky Dzerzhinsk City Hospital  30, Lenina (street), Dzerzhinsky
Egorievsk Egorievsk District Central Hospital  19, Karla Marxa (street), Egorievsk
Zhoukovsky Zhoukovsky City Clinical Hospital  1, Frounze (street), Zhukovsky
Zaraisk Zaraisk District Central Hospital  5, Oktyabrskaya (street), Zaraisk
Lukhovitsy Lukhovitsy District Central Hospital  39/5, Mira (street), Lukhovitsy
Lyubertsy Lyubertsy Ukhtomsky City Hospital  36, Kirova street, Lyubertsy
Lyubertsy  District Hospital No. 1  90, Karla Marxa (street), village Kraskovo, Lyubertsy district
Lyubertsy  District Hospital No. 2  338, Oktyabrsky Prospekt, Lyubertsy
Lytkarino Lytkarino City Central Hospital  63, Kommunisticheskaya (street), Lytkarino
Ozery Ozery District Central Hospital  73a, Lenina (street), Ozery
Ramenskoye Ramenskoye District Central Hospital  14, Makhova (street), Ramenskoye
Moscow Vladimirsky Moscow Region Science and Research Clinical Institute 61/2 bldng 13, Shepkina (street), Moscow