Moscow Mortuaries

The pathology departments as well as forensic study laboratories serve to ascertain the cause of death, issue the medical death certificate and keep the decedent until the funeral day.

Besides that the medical staff performs embalming and other sanitary procedures (washing, dressing, make-up, placing into the casket).

The services provided by the mortuaries free of charge include:

  • keeping the decedent until the funeral day up to 7 days (in some cases up to 14 days)
  • washing
  • dressing
  • placing in the casket
  • carrying the casket to the hall of honor.

The embalming as well as makeup services are provided on the paying basis. The cost of these services depends upon the mortuary and the complexity of the required work and amounts to 8-17 thousand roubles. The services of forensic laboratories are typically more expensive as the decedent usually requires more care to be taken of.

Irrespective of the chosen way of funeral (burial or cremation) the relatives of the decedent are to obtain the medical death certificate (in mortuary) and the official death certificate (in the vital records office).

The medical death certificate is changed for the official death certificate in one of the registry (vital records) offices. The official death certificate is accompanied by the certificate according to form 33 which is required for funeral allowance. The official death certificate is also required for cemetery plot allocation as well as cremation.

The information desk of the funeral home RITUAL is ready to help you 24/7. In case you have any questions or need assistance of funeral directors do not hesitate to call us +7 (495) 642-28-83 and +7 (495) 642-28-84.

Forensic bureaus
Forensic Bureau «Tsaritsyno» 3, Tarny Proezd
Forensic Bureau No.2 7, Pereoulok Kholzunova
Forensic Bureau No. 3 (located at theSklifosovsky Research Institute) 3 bldng 9, Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Ploshad
For. 4 (Moscow City Center of Forensic Study ofGunshot and Explosion Injuries) 25, Volkhovsky Pereoulok
Forensic Bureau No. 5 (mortuary at the MunicipalClinical Hospital No. 67) 2, Salyama Adilya (street)
Forensic Bureau No. 6 (mortuary at the MunicipalClinical Hospital No. 29) 2, Gospitalnaya Ploshad
Forensic Bureau No. 7 66 bldng 4, Lyublinskaya(street)
Forensic Bureau No. 8 (mortuary at the MunicipalClinical Hospital No. 3) 2, Proezd 4923, Zelenograd
Forensic Bureau No. 9 (mortuary at the MunicipalClinical Hospital No. 70) 17, Federativny Prospekt
Forensic Bureau No. 10 (mortuary at the BotkinMunicipal Clinical Hospital No.) 5 bldng 33, Vtoroy Botkinsky Proezd
Forensic Bureau No. 12 24 bldng 7, Ryabinovaya (street)
Forensic Bureau No. 15 3, OktyabrskyProspect, Troitsk
Pathology departments
Pirogov Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 1 8 bldng 1, Leninsky Prospekt
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 3(Zelenograd) 2, Proezd 4923, Zelenograd
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 4 25, Pavlovskaya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 7 4, Kolomensky Proezd
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 12 26, Bakinskaya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 13 1/1, Velozavodskaya (street)
Korolenko Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 14 7 bldng 10, Stromynka
Philatov Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 15 23, Veshnyakovakaya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 17 7, Volynskaya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 23 11, Yaouzskaya (street)
Bauman Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 29 2, Gospitalnaya Ploshad
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 31 3, Tsouryupy (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 36 1, Fortunatovskaya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 40 7 bldng 8, Kasatkina (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 50 21, Voucheticha (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 51 7/33, Alyabieva (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 52 3, Pekhotnaya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 53 26, Trofimova (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 54 72, Naberezhnaya Shitova
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 55 18A, Zagorodnoye Shosse
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 57 32/61, Odinnadsataya Parkovaya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 64 61, Vavilova (street)
Городскаяклиническая больница №67 2, Salyama Adilya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 68 4, Shkuleva (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 70 17 bldng 6, Federativny Prospekt
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 71 14, Mozhaiskoye Shosse (highway)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 72 16, Orshanskaya (street)
Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 81 10, Lobnenskaya (street)
Sklifosovsky Research Institute 3 bldng 9, Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Ploshad
Botkin City Clinical Hospital 5, vtoroy (second) Botkinsky Proezd
Moscow Metropolitan Alexiy Central Clinical Hospital 27, Leninsky Prospekt
War Veterans Hospital No. 2 (HospitalVeteranov Voin 2) 168, Volgogradsky Prospekt
War Veterans Hospital No. 3 (HospitalVeteranov Voin 3) 4 bldng 5, Startovaya (street)
Alekseev Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 2, Zagorodnoye Shosse (highway)
Psychiatric Hospital No. 5 2, Zagorodnoye Shosse (highway)
Municipal Clinical Hospital of InfectiousDiseases No. 1 63, Volokolamskoye shosse (highway)
Municipal Clinical Hospital of Infectious DiseasesNo. 2 15, Vosmaya (eighth) Sokolinoy Gory (street)
Tuberculosis Clinical Hospital No. 7 3, Barbolina (street)
Morozov Children Clinical Hospital No. 1 1, Chetverty (fourth) DobryninskyPereoulok
Ministry and department mortuaries
Occupational health facility No. 33 of StateCommittee of the Russian Federation for Communications and Information Technology  16, Malakhitovaya (street)
Central Forensic Study Laboratory of Chief ArmyMedical Department 3, Gospitalnaya Ploshad
Semashko Central Clinical Hospital No. 1 (RussianMinistry of Communication Lines) 84, bldng 16, Volokolamskoye Shosse (highway)
Semashko Central Clinical Hospital No. 2 (RussianMinistry of Communication Lines) 49, Losino-ostrovskaya (street)
Semashko Railway Clinical Hospital 3, Sportivny Proezd
Federal Clinical Research
Treatmentand Rehabilitation Center
3, Ivankovskoye Shosse (highway)
Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation 7, Ivankovskoye Shosse (highway)
Pirogov Netional Medical and Surgery Center 70, Nizhnyaya Pervomaiskaya (street)
Volynskaya Central Clinical Hospital No. 1 10, Starovolynskaya (street)
Central Clinical Hospital and Polyclinic (Departmentof Presidential Affairs) 25, Marshala Timoshenko (street)
Russian Cardiology Scientific and Production Center 15a, 3rd (Tretiya) Cherepkovskaya(street)
Burdenko Research Institute of
Neurosurgery Russian Science Academy
5, Fadeeva (street)
Bakulev Institute of
Cardiovascular Surgery
135, Roublevskoye Shosse (highway)
Clinical Hospital No. 86 of State Medical andBiological Agency 15, Gamalei (street)
Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research ClinicalInstitute 61/2 bldng 13, Shepkina (street)
Occupational health facility No. 60 1/6, Skhodnensky Tupik
Research Institute of Gastroenterology of Russian Science Academy 86, Shosse Entuziastov (highway)
Russian Research Center of Radiology and NuclearMedicine 86, Profsoyouznaya (street)
Central Clinical Hospital of Russian ScienceAcademy 1a, Litovsky Bulvar
Sechenov Moscow State Medical University 12 bldngs 1-3, Rossolimo (street)
City mortuaries that keep the decedents without defining the cause ofdeath (it’s mandatory to obtain the medical death certificate prior totransporting the decedent to these mortuaries)
Mitinskoye Trupokhranilishe (MitinskoyeMortuary) 6th m of Pyatnitskoye Shosse(highway)
Khovanskoye Trupokhranilishe (KhovanskoyeMortuary) 21st km of Kievskoye Shosse(highway)
Nikolo-Arkhangelskoye Trupokhranilishe (Nikolo-ArkhangelskoyeMortuary) Poselok (village) Nikolo-Arkhangelskoye
Troyekurovskoye Trupokhranilishe(Troyekurovskoye Mortuary) 24, Ryabinovaya (street)
Lianozovskoye Trupokhranilishe (LianozovskoyeMortuary) – all unidentified or unclaimed remains are transported to thismortuary. 83a, Dubninskaya (street)
Lyublinskoye Trupokhranilishe (LyublinskoyeMortuary) 66, Lyublinskaya (street)